Hangover Helpers

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hangover-helpersdivider2From time-to-time, even though we’ve sworn to ourselves ‘we’ll never do it again’ — we wake up with a throbbing headache and queasy stomach from indulging in a few too many cocktails.  

I’m a lightweight. I rarely have more than a drink or two per week (hush-up, those of you who knew me when. I’ve got some secrets on you, too!). On the rare occasion that I do have more than that, I try to uphold some strategies so I won’t waste an entire day or weekend in recovery.

divider2So in no particular order… here are some hangover helpers:

  • Find a drink you enjoy that has little or no sugar. I used to love a good margarita, but now I sip white tequila on the rocks with a big squeeze of lime. If I do shots of tequila, my panties fall off, but if I sip it, I get a nice, slow buzz. One of these cocktails, sipped slowly, lasts me  through most evenings out.  On the odd night that I might be out for the duration, two of them get me through a long night of partying with no hangover in the morning.
  • Have a nice big glass of water before you drink, and in between each cocktail you consume. Alcohol dehydrates you, which will make an alcohol-induced headache significantly worse.
  • Eat a little throughout the evening. This will slow alcohol absorption significantly.
  • Before you hit the sack, chug another big glass of water (and an OTC ibuprofen if you wish). You should be miles ahead in the morning if you do this.

divider2drunk-owlDo I have to say that I do not condone overindulgence, underage drinking or the use of any medication – OTC prescription or illegal – for any use other than intended? If I do have to say it, well then, I just did.

Be responsible. Be healthy. Be alive. And for Pete’s sake, never, ever drink and drive.

Tattoo You

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divider2I got my first tattoo at age 18.  

heartsThree tiny red hearts on my hip, and I’ve loved it ever since. Flash forward 18 years to when I got my second: a ring around my second toe. I loved the look of toe rings, but they pinched inside my running shoes, and I always seemed to lose them – so it made sense.

That second made me yearn for a third, so a few years later I got the words “True North” inked on my left foot. It’s a little thing my husband and I feel for each other – like our inner compasses lead us to each other. He put it on my wedding ring, and I put it on my foot.

I’ve been jones-ing for more ever since.

But – and this is a big but – I’m not crazy about how tattoos look on aging skin, and my skin is not going to get any less wrinkled, is it?

I didn’t think so.

I’m pretty okay with aging gracefully – the alternative stinks, btw – so I choose to love aging instead of hate it. I’m a little sad, though, that some things are just better on the young. My nurse friends confirmed this for me, explaining that they see all kinds of tattoos that have seen better days, and it ain’t pretty.

Maybe I’ll feel better about my decision to stop at three tattoos when all the Gen X’ers start to sag and droop like the rest of us, and their ink starts to resemble a Dali painting.

Until then, I’ll just be a little envious.

The Bouqs

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Don’t you just love fresh flowers?  

We try to keep some in our home as much as possible, whether I pick them from my garden or side of the road, or get a bunch at Trader Joe’s when I’m there for the umpteenth time in a week. Giving flowers as gifts is also one of my favorite things. Until I hit the “check out” button on any given flower company’s website. That $25 ‘sale’ bouquet quickly becomes $55 after the handling-shipping-screwing you extra charges are added on.

That’s a pet peeve of mine, and I’m sure it is for many of you, too. That’s like ordering a $30 steak in a restaurant, and when the bill comes, suddenly there’s an extra $15 tacked on for slaughtering-butchering-and cooking it.

Ludicrous, right? Just tell me what the damn things cost, please.

Enter, ‘The Bouqs’.

The Bouqs… as in bouquets. As in, lovely, fresh-from-the-fields flowers delivered right to your door for $40 flat. No surprise charges, no handling fees. Just $40. If you want to get crazy and double your order to the same address, it’s $50. Feeling super-decadent? Triple that order and it’s only $70.

They sent me an amazingly beautiful bouquet of multi-color roses.  It was tough to choose which of the 15-20 available bouquets I wanted. With names like “XOXO”, “Confetti” and “Pow!”, not to mention gorgeous photography to boot, I frankly wanted one of each!

They grow and ship directly from their farms in South America. I chose a delivery date about a week out – I’m a planner anyway, so their 5-day lead time doesn’t bother me a bit.

The roses arrived incredibly well-packaged, with instructions on how to keep them as fresh, as well, a daisy. Check them out:

I have to say, I anticipated that The Bouqs flowers would last longer than they did, but I think that was due to unrealistic expectations. They started to get a little wilty 5 days out, even though I trimmed them well and gave them fresh water daily.  By day 7, they were ready for the trash.  As it happens, my daughter received a bouquet of similar roses for her graduation about midway through my Bouq week, and those were dead on the same day as mine… so – they do last longer! I checked out GrowerDirect.com, and they state a 4-12 day ‘average’ for fresh-cut roses to last in a vase, so the bouqs is right on target.

buy-bouqsAll in all – I am a little bit in love with The Bouqs. Beautiful flowers, a great company philosophy, terrific customer service. I strongly recommend that you check them out – and tell them Dr. Tania sent you! You are only a click away from a little something special for yourself or someone you love. Life is too short not to enjoy some fresh flowers every once in while, isn’t it?

I wish you much love and many Bouqs! XO!

Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine

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There’s not much that can’t be helped by a good belly laugh, is there?   

Between my hubby and our kids, I laugh to the point of peeing my pants near every day.   

Some of my earlier memories of belly-aching laughs came by the side of a kid named Joey Diaz, who everyone affectionately called ‘Coco’. In our tiny elementary school outside of NYC, if a teacher were absent, they’d often split the kids up amongst other classrooms in lieu of getting a substitute. Enter Coco, a scary-big 6th grader, into our 4th grade class.  It just so happened that a kid in my class was celebrating his birthday that day, so the teacher had just handed the student a little gift – a box of crayons for his birthday.  I expressed my dismay to Coco – my big sister’s friend – at never having been given crayons, since I had a summer birthday. He proceeded to grab the crayons, snap them in two, and fling them up in the air, shouting “F*ck this crayon sh*t!!!”

jcdWe were all wide-eyed with awe and disbelief, and didn’t know whether to applaud him or run for the hills; I think one kid even pooped his pants.

Turns out, that kid with the unfiltered sense of humor and honest brashness about him, has turned comedy into his life’s work. Joey “Coco” Diaz is known for his sold-out standup shows, and for his roles in Grudge Match, Spiderman 2, The Longest Yard and other major motion pictures. He also has an amazingly popular podcast on iTunes – The Church of What’s Happening Now.

joeycocodiazIf I’m to be honest, though – Coco is more than a bit raunchy, and if you’re offended by the “Eff” word, then you might want to take a pass. Then again, if you’re okay with down and dirty humor, you need to check him out in person, on the big screen, or on his podcast.

Coco remembers where he came from, and I am grateful for the opportunities he’s given me to share our drtania.com messages with his hoards of fans. I’m spending this Monday morning on air with him, which warranted this #throwback post. But if I could say one thing about this guy, it’d be this:

What you see is what you get with Joey. It’s no act, as evidenced by how I met him at the ripe old age of eight. True to himself then, true to himself now. So Coco – thanks for sticking up for me then, and for making me LOL now. I’m proud of you, my friend, and thankful that you bring the best medicine, laughter, to me, our readers and to your millions of fans.

Now, it’s showtime. Tune in here if you’re hanging out but heed my warning: it’s NSFW!!

It’s a Donut Kind of Day

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As I write this, I’m week into a vacation, and the breakfast buffet has kept me fueled with delicious, healthy foods: veggie omelets, Greek yogurt, and fruits galore; none of which I had to shop for or prepare myself, which is a real treat for this ‘grocery-getting’ mom!

But Oh, sweet Mama. After a late night out with tequila-fueled dancing, it’s quite clear my friends, that it’s a donut kind of day. In particular, a freshly-fried, chocolate-topped donut kind of day.

Or two. It’s exactly what this girl needed – and desperately wanted!

My 80-20 rule has blissfully morphed into 90-10 on this trip, thanks to the plethora of fresh fish, fruits and veggies available around the clock. When you find that you’ve been super, uber good – well then the doctor orders you to GO – FOR – IT. And trust me, debauchery never tasted so good!

Have you ever heard the saying, “the sweet ain’t as sweet without the bitter.” Well, how do you enjoy the healthy without an occasional splurge in the eating department?! What are you working toward if you don’t let yourself have your most deepest desires, every once in a while?donut

Life is short. Go for it. I did, and I loved every bite!

Tidbits About Dr. Tania

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How well do you REALLY know Dr. Tania? Well, you’re about to know her even better.

Texting: Lost in Translation

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It’s so easy to send a text these days, right?  

We get caught up in the day, and instead of taking 5-10 minutes to make a phone call so we can get our entire message across – we instead, decide to text one little morsel at a time. Don’t even get me started about the fact that text conversations (especially between teens) never really end; that’s a conversation for another day. But have you ever been the victim of a text being taken the wrong way? Maybe that voice inflection is more important than we thought.

Let me give you an example.

“That’s great!”  Translation: That truly is great, and I’m really happy for you.

“That’s great?”  Translation: How can THAT job be great, since no one wants to work there anyway?

“That’s great.”  Translation: That’s anything but great, heavy on the sarcastic humor.

“That’s GREAT.  Translation: “You lost the earrings that the love of my life gave me???”

Texting is infamous for creating dialogue that is out of context. Without context, meaning can be left to interpretation, often with results that are well… not so great.  

So text when it’s a quick question, answer or directive – “Do we need milk?”,  “Be there at 6:00” or “Running late” – but if you have something important to say, please, PLEASE, PLEASE – just pick up the phone and say it!

Now what do you have to say about that?

Schadenfreude. Huh?

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My mom is German, so it’s fun to say this with my poor attempt at a German accent.


The literal translation is Fail-Joy, or enjoyment obtained by the failure of others. Oh boy. Yes, we are going to go there.

I know that all of you have a few or more close friends and acquaintances that you only wish the best for. But I also know that most of you quite likely get a teeny, tiny bit of pleasure if those said individuals get a big zit on their noses, get dumped by their PERFECT boyfriend, or don’t get the promotion they were coveting because of a flop at work.

463576661The rest of you are lying.

It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you human. Live Science has studied this very topic and confirmed that the reason we smile when these things happen is because internally, it’s a self-affirming boost. ‘ “If somebody enjoys the misfortune of others, then there’s something in that misfortune that is good for the person,” said study researcher Wilco W. van Dijk, adding that, “it could be due to thinking the other person deserves the misfortune, and so becoming less envious of them or feeling better about one’s self.” ‘

Please don’t mistake schadenfreude for WISHING that those things would happen to your friends. That would just make you a bitch, or an evil sorceress.

But if they just so happen to happen, especially if those said friends just seem to have it all going for them, it’s completely normal to feel a little satisfaction, like life really does have its own set of checks and balances.

Feel better now?

Disco Is Dead, Why Not Crisco?

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I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would use Crisco.

What is Crisco, you say?

Crisco is oil (aka vegetable shortening) that undergoes a process in order to become solid at room temperature. It’s a process that was initially attempted to make soap, but in 1911, someone decided to give it a try on Crisco. Who was the genius that decided to make the leap from soap to food, I wonder? Anyhow, this process (called hydrogenation) creates random fatty acids, some of which are not found in nature.

Not to mention, it tastes like crap.

We bake a LOT of cookies in our house. Like 150 dozen every holiday season for my husband’s clients. We go through many, many pounds of butter, and it’s not unusual for one of our little helpers to lick a little butter off of their fingers. Delicious, right? Have you EVER had the desire, or the poor judgement, to taste Crisco by itself? Blech!

Why would you put that crap in ANYTHING for human consumption? Oh… because it increases the shelf life of whatever you put it in? And it’s cheaper? Great reasons to put something created in a chemical lab in your body. Not.

You know what else Crisco is good for? It’s great for removing those tough to get out tar stains, it can shine your shoes, and it will last as a candle for 45 days straight when lit with a wick. Does anything I just mentioned make you want to put Crisco in your body? I sure hope not! For those of you who use Crisco to fry, you can use plain old oil instead. But what are you really frying these days??? That is a subject for another day!boogieshoes

As for baking, get with the program people, butter is better!

Ya dig it?

Get Plated

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So I got wind of this new company called Plated from a friend of mine that owns BlogCatalog, who subsequently knows a lot about new and innovative ideas. So thank you Tony. He got my attention when he brought up a new online food delivery service.

You know I am all about good food, but sometimes I get tripped up by the inconvenience of it all. You know, when you’re all ramped up to cook something yummy, and realize that you don’t have a key ingredient. Or – you’re just done with the same old, same old.

That’s where Plated comes in. And frankly, it’s a really cool concept, so I decided to give it a try.


With Plated, users ‘shop’ their online site (www.plated.com), browsing through a selection of available meals. Once you find the meal(s) that you’d like to make, you add them to your cart, Plate by Plate. You specify a delivery date, and a box arrives with every ingredient you need (less standard pantry items like salt, pepper, or olive oil), in just the right amounts.

So, no running to the store to buy a $10 jar of saffron that you will never use again.

foolproofEach Plate comes with step-by-step instructions (and pictures!) for easy preparation. At $15 per person it’s not cheap – but when you factor in your time, countless trips to the grocery store and volumes of unused ingredients cluttering your cupboard, it’s a really nice way to cook at home with much less fuss and muss. Plus – if you sign up for a membership, they discount it to $12. Membership is $10 a month, so if you can see yourself purchasing more than 2 plates a month – it’s a worthy investment.

tiki_masalaFor my first Plate I ordered one of our favorite Indian dishes, Tiki Masala. My husband and I enjoy eating it, but had no idea how to prepare it. He was leaving for a trip, and I thought we’d cook and eat a nice dinner together before he left.

So, I signed up for a Tuesday delivery since he was leaving on Wednesday; we anxiously awaited our delivery.

And waited… And waited…

Finally it came – on Wednesday afternoon, just before hubby left. Oh well. To their credit, Plated customer service helped me figure out that the food was safe to eat, as they had placed a sensor in the well-packed box that indicated if temperatures go above the safety zone. They did say if the food was bad that they would credit or replace it, but I was a little disappointed that they didn’t fall all over themselves with apologies, especially being a first-time customer who made it clear that it messed up a date night. Fun story though – immediately after I ordered, I saw the owners of Plated on the popular TV show “Shark Tank” (did I mention how obsessed I am with that show? Oh, that Mark Cuban!) so they were quite likely overwhelmed. But still!

Back to the cooking. Sans husband, I picked through all of the ingredients and got ready to rumble. The packaging is great, and the instructions were very easy to understand. I felt like I had my very own soux-chef in a box!

tiki-masala copyThe resulting dish was quite delish – if a little SPICIER than I am used to! I kinda wish they might have given me heads up on that, and perhaps mentioned the option of, “if you prefer less heat, use ½ the amount of ______”.

All in all it was a positive experience.

Plated is perfect on a regular basis if you have a little more money than time, want to expand your culinary horizons, or just for an occasional break from the monotony of “What’s for dinner?”

Bon Appetite! XO.