My Daily Headache

Posted: 2295 days ago in Health


How many times have you uttered – or SCREAMED – “You’re Giving Me a Headache!”?

I can’t tell you how often patients will tell me that they are experiencing great health when asked, and then they casually let drop, “oh, except for my daily headache”.

What?! Like it’s just normal for your head to hurt every day?

(If this is you, let me be clear – it is NOT normal).

Headaches are complex animals. We can get them from stress, eyestrain, dehydration or a food incompatibility. They can also be caused by neck or head trauma, low-blood sugar, hormonal imbalances and vascular issues. And of course, there’s the headache caused by the pain from a brain tumor or stroke that we all swear we must have, when really it’s ‘just’ a migraine or caffeine withdrawal.

What’s a girl (or guy) to do?

Well, the same factors that contribute to good health in general can keep many of us headache-free: eating well, sleeping enough, managing our stress, drinking plenty of water, and exercising, but most of all addressing any repetitive or serious trauma with chiropractic.

Still banging your head against the wall, literally and figuratively?

I urge you to attempt to get to the root of the problem by looking into all of the above instead of popping Advil or Tylenol like a junkie. Over-the-counter medications will cause you far greater problems in the long-term than a headache ever will (except in the case of that brain-tumor).

And if your headache is really coming from the screaming kids / loud music / complaining co-worker – I recommend simply walking away.

It’s just not worth it, and it’s fun to keep them guessing.